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Brief of Shaoxing Grand Theater

The Shaoxing Grand Theater is the Shaoxing people's government investment newly built symbolic cultural facilities, is located in the Shaoxing urban district business center, east near Prosperous Jiefang Rd., south depending on the Shaoxing townChenghuang temple - - Fuheng street, west according to the old city moat, north meets the city square.

Shaoxing Grand Theater, a total area of 21,000 square meters, construction area of 26.5 thousand square meters, put into use in October 2003 .

Grand Theater has nearly 1,500 square meters of hall as the audience a rest area, the hall's main color is white, the ground using the Gold Coast Granite Stones, Granite on the curl pattern to make the hall filled with the dynamism and Aura. Hall is on the wall is a metal sculpture "Feng He Zheng Sheng": 2 Phoenix surrounded by a gong-like instrument composed of many similar objects appearing from nowhere, full of joyful and peaceful atmosphere. Grand Theater, the main auditorium with a dark red hue, wood decoration, with 1349 seats;-seat theater in domestic first-class superior-class configuration, spacious and comfortable.

Grand Theater stage facilities first-class can be used for translation, lifting, rotating; sound, lighting equipment configuration, using international advanced brand, light-controlled and mixer were imported from Germany and the United States can meet the singing and dancing classes, drama class contour grade performance, and held various important meeting needs.

Shaoxing Grand Theater since its opening has been more than a hundred performances a year to undertake field, has successfully staged over The 6th World Choir Games , The 7TH China Arts Festival, The China Shaoxing opera festival opening (closing) ceremony and other major performances.

   Shaoxing Grand Theater has become the domestic and international cultural exchange window between Shaoxing and overseas countries. General Manager MR.QIUJIANPING takes along all staff to be willing with everywhere colleagues to cooperate hand in hand, altogether attempts magnificently, performs the market for the prosperous culture to compose the new chapter.

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